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The Robin Aircraft Advantage
Evolving from the first production in 1957, the craftsmen made Robin aircraft combine versatility, durability, economy and comfort in the best value four-seat certified aircraft available.
Key features of Robin certified aircraft:
  • 2, 3 and 4 seat variants to suit a wide range of needs;
  • Combine short field performance with long-distance touring;
  • Low purchase cost;
  • Low operating cost;
  • Low insurance cost;
  • High resale value;
  • Safe and easy to fly;
  • Highly durable with no fatigue life.
See how the best selling Robin 155CDI compares with the competition here
As an official Sales Partner for Robin aircraft, and the sole Sales Partner in the UK and Eire, we are your FIRST point of contact for new Robin aircraft quotations and importation.
We should be delighted to raise a quotation for a new Robin aircraft without any obligation on your part.

We are also experts in valuing pre-owned Robin aeroplanes and are unique in the UK in being able to properly base these valuations on the new price of equivalent Robin aircraft. Please contact us if we can help you value and sell your Robin aeroplane.

Please explore this site, compare the aircraft and feel free to contact us if you would like any more information or if you would just like to chat.
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