AV8 restaurant, Cotswold Airport, Kemble, EGBP

Visited in February 2020

Located 30 nm north-west of Bristol and 65 nm east of Elstree, at an elevation of 436 feet, Cotswold airport is in easy reach for those in the South and the midlands.

Boasting an immaculate tarmac runway 1,973 m long and 45 m wide, oriented 08/26, it is a four season destination suitable for almost any GA aircraft, and with modest landing fees (£14 for 751 kg  to 1650 kg).

The AV8 restaurant is adjacent to the tower and affords a great view of the airfield. It is open 09:00 to 17:00 seven days a week and serves a wide variety of good food from soup and sandwiches to full meals. Very popular with pilots and locals, a sample menu is below to give you an idea of what is on offer.

AV8 restuarant exterior

AV8 restaurant interior

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