Robin Aircraft DR401 120 Lite

An exceptionally economical 2-seat trainer:

The Robin Aircraft trainers are renowned for their excellent handling characteristics, ruggedness and low operating costs.

The new Robin Aircraft DR401 120 Lite has been built for very low purchase and operating cost. 

The Robin Aircraft trainers are already a favorite of flying schools, combining the safety of a certified aircraft with the legendary dependability, robustness, ease of flying and outstanding visibility of a Robin. The DR401 Lite now brings new aircraft purchase within easier range.

The Robin Aircraft DR401 120 Lite   is presently powered by the 120 hp Lycoming 4-cylinder engine. A version with the 135 hp Rotax 915 !S engine is planned.

The lower picture on the right shows the DR401 120 Lite fitted with the Duc carbon fibre propellor—lighter, quieter, more efficient and with much better ground clearance than the metal prop.

Engine:                                Lycoming 0-235-L2A 118

Propellor:                           Sensenich 72CK S6-0-56 in /1·83m / fixed pitch

Seats:                                   Two

Empty weight:                  510 kg

MTOW:                                  800 kg

Useful load:                        290 kg

Baggage load:                    40 kg

Fuel capacity:                    110 litres petrol

Dimensions:                        8·74m span x 7·10 m length x 2·23 m height

Rate of climb:                     817 fpm

Max Cruise:                          126 kts

VNE:                                         166 kts

VNO:                                        140 kts

VA:                                            116 kts

VFE:                                          92 kts

Vy (best climb rate):          78 kts

Vx (best climb angle):       70 kts

VSO:                                          45 kts

Take-off:                                 425 m to clear 50 m

Landing:                                  425 m to clear 50 m

Fuel consumption FL75:   25 l/h at 75% (116 kts)

Endurance:                             4h 24' (110 l)

Max range:                               549 nm

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