Robin Aircraft DR401 180A and 180ACS

A high performance adult four seater for touring:

(Also available equipped as a glider tug)

The Robin Aircraft DR401/180 is 4-seat certified cross-country aircraft offering a unique combination of high performance, comfort and operating economy.

It has superior cruising speeds and range compared to most of its competitors and its fixed gear and fixed-pitch propellor makes it easy to handle. Three fuel tanks with 220 litre total capacity and an externally accessible luggage compartment are part of the standard equipment.

The aircraft can be ordered with a constant speed propellor as the DR401/180ACS.

Engine:                       Lycoming 0-360-A3A or 0-360 A1P 180

Propellor:                             Sensenich 76EM8 S5-0-64 in / 1·93m / fixed pitch or CS

Seats:                                     Four

Empty weight:                    620 kg

MTOW:                                    1100 kg

Useful load:                          480 kg

Baggage load:                      60 kg

Fuel capacity:                       220 litres petrol

Dimensions:                          8·72m span x 7·10 m length x 2·23 m height

Rate of climb:                       885 fpm

Max Cruise:                          132 kts

VNE:                                        166 kts

VNO:                                        140 kts

VA:                                            116 kts

VFE:                                          92 kts

Vy (best climb rate):           92 kts

Vx (best climb angle):        76 kts

VSO:                                           51 kts

Take-off:                                   250 m / 515 m clear 15 m

Landing:                                   250 m / 530 clear 15 m

Fuel consumption FL105:  33 l/h at 65% (132 kts)

                                                      38 l/h at 75% (139 kts)

Endurance:                               4h 58' at 65% with 45' reserve

Max range:                                 1,026 nm (with long-range tank)

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