Robin Aircraft DR401 160A Long Range

A comprehensively equipped full adult four seater for touring:

The Robin Aircraft DR401/160A is 4-seat certified cross-country aircraft offering a unique combination of high performance, comfort and operating economy.

It has superior cruising speeds and range compared to most of its competitors and its fixed gear and fixed-pitch propellor makes it easy to handle. Three fuel tanks with 190 litre total capacity and an externally accessible luggage compartment are part of the standard equipment.

Engine:                                   Lycoming 0-320-D2A 160

Propellor:                             Sensenich 74DM6 S5-2-64 in /1·83m / fixed pitch

Seats:                                      Four

MTOW:                                    1050 kg

Useful load:                         360 kg

Baggage load:                     40 kg

Fuel capacity:                       190 litres petrol

Dimensions:                           8·74m span x 7·10 m length x 2·23 m height  

Rate of climb:                        788 fpm

Max Cruise:                            132 kts

VNE:                                          166 kts

VNO:                                          140 kts

VA:                                              116 kts

VFE:                                             92 kts

Vy (best climb rate):             86 kts

Vx (best climb angle):           70 kts

VSO:                                             47 kts

Take-off:                                     295 m / 590 clear 15 m

Fuel consumption FL100:   35 l/h at 75% (125 kts)

Endurance:                                2h 22' (109 l) / 3h 48' (159 l) at 65% with 45' reserve

Max range:                                1,026 nm (with long-range tank)

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