Prices and Specifications

A new Robin aircraft is never just purchased; It is commissioned. An aircraft that is yours and yours alone. Every new Robin aircraft is unique to its owner. Our guides below detail specifications, prices, and popular options to let you begin the journey of commissioning your bespoke Robin aeroplane and realising your vision.

A high degree of customisation is a feature of Robin aircraft so please contact us to discuss your personal requirements without any obligation. Please do not register your details on the  configurator on the French website at as registering there ties our hands and makes aircraft purchase more expensive for the customer; please talk to us first.

Financing: Mortgaging, Performance Bond, lease purchase, hire purchase can be arranged—please contact us for details.

Robin Aircraft DR401 135 CDI

2+2 diesel trainer/tourer, automatic variable pitch propeller: VFR day/night: €240,620; IFR: €284,567

Robin Aircraft DR401 155 CDI 

4 adult seat  diesel tourer, automatic variable pitch propeller: VFR day/night: €260,216; IFR: €304,163

Robin Aircraft DR401 120 Lite 

2 seat trainer/tourer: Basic VFR:  €168,965; VFR day/night: €180,983

Robin Aircraft DR401 120A 

2+2 trainer/tourer:Basic VFR: €208,420VFR day/night:  €220,438

Robin Aircraft DR401 160A 

Economical 4 seat trainer/tourer: VFR day/night: €247,298; IFR: €291,245

Robin Aircraft DR401 160A Long Range 

4 adult seat tourer: VFR day/night: €251,217; IFR: €295,164

Robin Aircraft DR401 180A Long Range 

4 adult seat high performance tourer: VFR day/night:  €261,250;  IFR: €305,197

Robin Aircraft DR401 180ACS Long Range

As the 180A with manual variable pitch propeller:  VFR day/night: 274,913 IFR: 318,860

Robin Aircraft DR401 200Ai Country 

4 adult seat high performance tourerVFR day/night: €291,134;  IFR: €335,081

Robin Aircraft DR401 200Ai Long Range 

200Ai, with wing tanks: VFR day/night: 297,072 IFR: 341,019

Robin Aircraft 155CDI-R   glider tug

As 155CDI in tow configuration: €248,198

Robin Aircraft 180RLite  glider tug

As 180A  in tow configuration with reduced mass: €210,290

Robin Aircraft 180RA   glider tug

As 180A in tow configuration:: €248,311

Robin Aircraft 180RACS  glider tug

As 180RACS in tow configuration: €254,944

Robin Aircraft 200RAi glider tug

As 200RAi in tow configuration: €290,920

Robin Aircraft CAP 10C NG  Fully aerobatic side-by-side two seater: €303,100

Specifications at a glance:

*Prices are in Euros, ex VAT, ex France, subject to confirmation and to variations in the rate of exchange at the time of order. The prices are fixed by the factory and fleet discounts are available.

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