The CAP 10 is relaunched and the G500TXi is installed in the DR401

TTThe CAP 10 has officially re-entered the market at Aero Friedrichshafen.

Flown to Friedrichshafen by CEAPR CEO and Robin chief engineer Christophe Belin, in formation with Steve and Jennie Bailey in G-HMSJ and Guy Pellisier in F-HDSL, the aircraft has already made a big impression—a much appreciated fully aerobatic side-by-side two seater.

The CAP 10 is powered by a 180hp fuel-injected Lycoming engine driving a two-blade Hoffmann propeller. The three-bladed MT constant speed propeller fitted on the stand will be certified soon and will give better performance; the additional weight being offset by carbon fibre cowlings and spats.

Price is €295,000 ex VAT with twin G5 instruments. Avionics are priced separately.

The CAP 10 en-route LFGI to EDNY

The 3-blade MT propeller will give even better performance when approved

Standard instruments are twin Garmin G5 with analogue backup

Meanwhile, opposite the CAP on Stand 335, F-HDSL sports the newly installed Garmin G500 TXi with the Garmin G5 replacing the previous Mid Continent SAM. Despite the larger size of the TXi compared with the G500, Robin have succeeded with an installation that gives the pilot a completely unobstructed view of the screen under the glare-shield.

Approval by STC is expected in a few

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