Robin Aircraft

Led by M. Casimir Pellisier Robin Aircraft (pronounced ‘Rowbahn’) manufactures craftsmen-made aeroplanes at the factory in Darois.

The company has a long history: manufacture of the first aircraft started in 1957. M. Daniel Triques, previously the chief engineer and, more recently, the Président of the company, now consults part-time having been with Robin since 1970.

With options of diesel and petrol engines from 120 hp to 200 hp, and a choice of traditional analogue instruments or ultra-modern electronic flight displays, the Robin range spans economical trainer to comfortable long-distance tourer.

Unlike metal or GRP, the tough and dependable Robin airframes have no fatigue life, do not corrode or degrade under ultraviolet light and are relatively easy and inexpensive to repair if damaged. With design and materials evolving over time there are still many airframes in service for over 40 years and others with over 20,000 flight hours. This extraordinary durability has enabled Robin to offer a 20 year warranty on their aerostructures!

The famous wing produces most of its lift in cruise from the inner section, giving high wing loading for a smoother ride whilst simultaneously reducing drag for better speed. The outer section with dihedral improves stability in turns and starts to work in earnest during landing and take-off, increasing low speed stability and manoeuvrability. The washout on the outer section maintains aileron effectiveness near the stall and  contributes to the very beningn stall characteristics of the aircraft. The result is a very safe handling and responsive aeroplane that is a pleasure to fly!

Equally at home on hard runways or grass strips, Robin aircraft are renowned for their excellent flying characteristics, class leading visibility, versatility and economy of operation; qualities that have kept them as firm favourites throughout their production.

Robin’s philosophy is to build aircraft in which you can learn to fly, can afford to buy and fly when you have your licence, that can be flown anywhere, and that last indefinitely.

You can see a Robin aircfaft being made in our movies gallery and click here to see how the Robin DR401 155CDI compares to the competition.

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