Robin DR401 200AI

A high performance adult four seater for touring with 200 hp:

(Also available equipped as a glider tug)

At the top of the petrol range, a 4-5 seat certified ‘grand tourer,’ offering a combination of performance and comfort unequalled in its category. Capable of flights of more than 1,000 nm and a top cruising speed of 145 kt at 75% power depending on load and altitude

Engine:                       Lycoming 0-360 200CV

Propellor:                    Hartzell constant speed

Seats:                         Four

Empty weight:              610 kg

MTOW:                        1100 kg

Useful load:                 490 kg

Baggage load:              60 kg

Fuel capacity:               220 litres petrol

Dimensions:                  8ˇ72m span x 7ˇ10 m length x 2ˇ23 m height

Max Cruise:                  145 kts

Climb:                          965 ft/min

VNE:                            166 kts

VFE:                             92 kts

Vy (best climb rate):      92 kts

Vx (best climb angle):    76 kts

VSO:                            51 kts

Take-off:                       460 m clear 15 m

Landing:                        530 clear 15 m

Fuel consumption FL105: 45ˇ4 l/h at 75% 

Max range:                    847 nm (with long-range tank)*

* At MTOW, 75% power, 7,500 feet, ISA

 Mistral Aviation LLP, Elstree Aerodrome WD6 3AW; +44 (0)7973 691727;