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Robin Aircraft for Aerobatics

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EASA and FAA certified, the CAP 10C NG is a fully aerobatic side-by-side two seater that is also capable of cross-country touring.

One of the most successfull aerobatic training aircraft in the world, numerous aerobatic champions have started aerobatics in a CAP 10.

The CAP 10 was used to equip the Equipe Voltage aerobatic display team and has been bought by French, Mexican and Australian military.

The CAP 10C was introduced with a carbon fibre reinforced wing spar to further improve the aerobatic performance.

The new generation CAP 10C from Robin Aircraft has carbon fibre cowlings and wheel fairings for reduced mass. It can be supplied with either a fixed-pitch propeller or an MT constant speed propeller for better performance. The French military placed orders for two aircraft in late 2020.

The 200hp Lycoming fuel injected engine is fully lubricated for inverted flight.

Twin G5
Trig TY91 COM
TT21 Mode-S
heated pitot
Crew 2
Length 7·16 m
Wingspan 8·06 m
Height 2·55 m
Wing area 10·85 m sq
Aerofoil NACA 23012
Empty weight 540 kg
MTOW 760 kg
Fuel capacity 144 l (75 l front tank, 79 l auxillary tank)
Powerplant Lycoming IO360, 4 cylinder, fuel injected, air cooled
Propeller 2-blade Hoffmann fixed pitch or 3-blade MT constant speed MTV-22B/174-12
Maximum speed 146 kts
Cruise speed 135 kt at 75% power
Stall speed 54 kts clean, 46 kts with full flap
VNE 184 kts
Range 648 nm
Service ceiling 16,000 ft
g limits +6 / -4
Rate of climb 1,200 ft/min maximum at sea level