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Robin Aircraft for Aerobatics

The new generation CAP 10C from Robin Aircraft can be supplied with either a fixed-pitch propeller or a MT constant speed propeller for improved performance. It has carbon fibre cowlings and wheel fairings for reduced mass.

EASA and FAA certified, this is fully aerobatic side-by-side two seater that is also capable of cross-country touring.
Twin G5
Trig TY91 COM
TT21 Mode-S
heated pitot
Crew 2
Length 7·16 m
Wingspan 8·06 m
Height 2·55 m
Wing area 10·85 m sq
Aerofoil NACA 23012
Empty weight 540 kg
MTOW 760 kg
Fuel capacity 144 l (75 l front tank, 79 l auxillary tank)
Powerplant Lycoming IO360, 4 cylinder, fuel injected, air cooled
Propeller 2-blade Hoffmann fixed pitch or 3-blade MT constant speed MTV-22B/174-12
Maximum speed 146 kts
Cruise speed 135 kt at 75% power
Stall speed 54 kts clean, 46 kts with full flap
VNE 184 kts
Range 648 nm
Service ceiling 16,000 ft
g limits +6 / -4
Rate of climb 1,200 ft/min maximum at sea level